Spotlighting Trans Experiences

Welcome to our scrappy yet humble podcast!

TransSpotting is a conversational podcast co-created, edited, and produced by 3 trans femmes: Marcia Darling, Celeste Werle, & River Rowan. Our mission is to bring awareness to trans specific topics & to spotlight trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming creators, artists, and business owners (while having fun along the way). Expect humor, thoughtful discussion, and a whole lot of compliments. 

Meet the Hosts

Marcia Darling

(she/they) Marcia is a performance nerd and queer icon. She is an advocate for LGBTQIA2S+ rights, responsible homeschooling, and all things radical solidarity. Her life goal is to overthrow capitalism to thunderous laughter and applause, and they're just getting started.

Celeste Werle

(she/her) Celeste is a big ole autistic nerd that loves video games and all things spooky, especially horror movies. She probably has ADHD and will likely tangent into all sorts of nonsense that probably has to do with her latest hyper fixation. She also spends far too much of her time being slutty on the internet.

Riv Rowan

(she/her/fae/faer) River (Riv) is an IT gal and metalcore recording artist under the mantle of Bury The River. Fae is an auDHD, genderfae, lesbian, Norse pagan witch with a heart of bronze. She has lots of Opinions on lots of Things and can be regularly heard on faer soapbox in TransSpotting episodes.